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Give this to your pickiest friend


Snow Crystals is something special — its smooth, easy-drinking profile will cut through the rough exterior of your pickiest friend. Like the person in your circle with that disarming demeanor, Snow Crystals just naturally wins hearts. Made from a grape called Airen, this dry wine is medium-bodied with smooth acidity and grapefruit, pineapple, and apple fruit flavors. We recommend serving it with lots of cheese and a peaceful backyard.

The secret of Spanish wine


What imparts that distinctive aromatic, earthy, and bold character to Spanish wines? Is there a secret ingredient in the water? In reality, it's not an abundance of water but rather its scarcity that works its magic. Grapevines exhibit an interesting behavior; they flourish when subjected to "water stress," compelling their roots to delve deeper into the earth in a quest for moisture. It's widely acknowledged that stress can enhance grape quality—and wine, as we know, has a knack for alleviating stress. It's a harmonious pairing, courtesy of the intense Spanish sun and arid soils.

Be a dear and serve it with cheese

Airen is a weighty white wine with a velvety smooth profile, and it’s just dying for some cheese to go with that. Why not make your experience even more enjoyable and cheese it up a bit? Try it with manchego, cheddar, or gruyere. Better yet, make your favorite cheesy meal like quesadillas, Caprese salad, or break out the fondue.


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