When we think of a great Rosé, certain descriptors come to mind – elegant, sophisticated, food-friendly, to name a few. Fittingly enough, the Pinot Noir grape embodies those characteristics in the wine it produces, as well! The coastal valleys where the Pinot Noir grapes of You Had Me At Rosé are grown allow this notoriously precocious varietal to ripen slowly, taming its tendency to over-ripeness. Harvest takes place at night, while temperatures are cool and the grape skins firm, ensuring the fruit is processed at peak freshness. This preserves the brisk acidity that is so critical to a great Rosé. Elegant grapes and sophisticated wine, say no more – You Had Me At Rosé!

WINEmaker notes
Perhaps no other U.S. state’s identity is so closely tied to the beach and the culture of sunshine as California, so it is no surprise that so many of its vineyards have a hand in the production of the Rosé style of wine, the perfect summertime sipper. You Had Me At Rosé is a succulent, explosively aromatic pink wine, laser-focused on pure fruit flavor. An incredible array of the greatest hits of Rosé flavor is found in each glass – cherry, strawberry, raspberry, cranberry…aah! An elegant mouthfeel, vibrant acidity and lingering finish also help define this glorious California rosé.

food pairings
Camembert, simple green salad with toasted pecans and feta, seared rosemary citrus salmon, ceviche.


ALCOHOL: 12.81%