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Because Cabernet is your favorite comfort food


Warm Thoughts is a testament to how comforting a glass of Cabernet can be. When it’s cold outside, a bouquet of fruit and savory aromas can warm you from the inside, making you feel grateful for the little things. Made from grapes grown in the mountains of Bulgaria, this wine has powerful structure and finesse, with aromas of ripe cherry, black plum, cedar, and leather. Save it to sip on while cooking your favorite meal or share it over an important conversation with a friend.

From Bulgaria: the region to watch

Have you ever had Cabernet Sauvignon from Bulgaria? If not, let today be the day. Bulgaria has a tradition of winemaking that dates back to ancient times, yet, it is experiencing an exciting renaissance today. It’s a place of innovation and experimentation as well as tradition, making it a great fit for Cabernet vines, which adapt successfully to all kinds of climates. The reds of Bulgaria are earthy, fruity, and distinctively unique. And for Cabernet, which often grows alongside indigenous Bulgarian grapes, it's a place to try new things with ancient grapes. Warm Thoughts is a tribute to the incredible promise that the tradition of Bulgarian winemaking possesses.

Pairing savory with sweet

Wine and food pairing can be complicated, but why complicate a great thing? Think about the character of Warm Thoughts—fruity and savory—and pair it with dishes that also embody that quality. We’re thinking charcuterie with fig preserve, pumpkin penne, mango chicken wings, or steak with cranberry sauce.


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