California is a place where classic ideas are constantly refreshed with modern technologies, resulting in the perpetual redefinition of what is possible. Such is the case with Today Let’s Rosé, a unique pink made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Colombard grapes. The result is a wine that is both unique and familiar, extraordinary yet comforting. We relied on some of the very best vineyards in California to produce this fresh, crisp, fruity pink that defies definition and challenges preconceptions. Today Let’s Rosé is made with serious intention and utmost care, so that you can relax and enjoy a wine resplendent with red fruit flavors, savory herbs and inimitable California charm.

WINEmaker notes
We are always on the hunt for something new and exciting to present to the ever-growing numbers of American wine fans, particularly when it confronts presumptions such as California’s inability to produce great pink wine! Well, grab a glass and think pink, and enjoy the soaring aromas of rose petal, hawthorn and summer fruits when you pour Today Let’s Rosé. In the mouth, this lively, expressive Rosé glides across the palate with watermelon, cherry, rhubarb and strawberry leaf flavors that crescendo to a brisk, lively finish that seems to linger endlessly.

food pairings
Spiced curry rice, lobster rolls, BBQ veggie skewers, strawberry rhubarb pie (of course!).


ALCOHOL: 12.96%