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A wine everyone can agree on

Your mom might not agree with you about your choice in partners, but let Tinsel and Holly be a decision that she can’t help but respect. Even the pickiest person at your table will find that there’s nothing to argue about in a glass of Tinsel and Holly, a classic French rosé. With light watermelon and cranberry fruit, salinity, and a refreshing core of acidity, this is a thirst quencher and a thing we can all agree on.


Use it to smooth over awkward moments and those topics that the family is better off just not touching. Enjoy the magic touch of Tinsel and Holly.


Made in France

How does Tinsel and Holly get that soft pink color and those delicate aromas, so subtle you find yourself leaning into your glass to sniff again and again? It’s France’s signature way of winemaking, and if we could wear it as perfume, we would. Using classic red grapes native to the area, French winemakers take an “easy-does-it” approach to fermentation. Given cool temperatures and plenty of patience, the most delicate, floral aromas eventually make their grand appearance.

Goes with everything...

and we mean everything

What can’t Tinsel and Holly do? Turns out, nothing. Whatever you have in mind for dinner, you’re in luck; this is the easiest wine pairing you’ll ever have to make. From barbecue ribs to eggplant parmesan to sweet potato fries to ramen, this wine plays nice with whatever you’re putting on the table.


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