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A universally beloved wine

While your mom might not always approve of your choices in partners, Tinsel and Holly is a decision she'll definitely respect. Even the most discerning diner will find common ground with Tinsel and Holly, a classic French rosé boasting notes of light watermelon, cranberry, and a refreshing acidity that satisfies every palate.

This versatile rosé is perfect for smoothing over awkward moments and avoiding touchy family topics. Embrace the magic of Tinsel and Holly.


Crafted in France

Ever wondered how Tinsel and Holly achieves its delicate pink hue and subtle aromas that beckon you to take another sniff? It's the hallmark of French winemaking expertise. Using traditional red grape varieties native to the region, French winemakers adopt a gentle fermentation approach. With patience and cool temperatures, delicate floral notes bloom beautifully.

Pairs with everything... yes, everything

There's nothing Tinsel and Holly can't complement. Whether it's barbecue ribs, eggplant Parmesan, sweet potato fries, or ramen, this wine effortlessly enhances any meal you serve.


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