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Dry and bubbly, just how you like it


The magic of sparkling wine is that it goes down easy and always gets the party going. Think of Sparkling Splendor as a dependable party trick, as bubbly as Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels—this is the kind of wine that will turn the music up and dance around the house. The joy is infectious. Sparkling Splendor is dry and lean, with a bright acidity and notes of meyer lemon, honeydew, and baked bread.

In France, sparkling wine was a happy accident


In France, where Sparkling Splendor comes from, sparkling wine is made by a well-thought out process called the “traditional method.” The technique dates back to the Middle Ages and began by accident when someone left their bottles of still wine in the cellar through a long, cold winter. When spring came and the weather warmed up, the yeast in their wine “woke up” and began fermenting again, this time trapping the bubbles in the bottle. What a surprise it was to open a bottle only to find it had come alive with bubbles! The rest is history.

Alternative sparkling wine food pairings


When pairing food to sparkling wine, remember the most important rule: the possibilities are endless. Skip the classic food pairings and go for fried foods, small bites, and big pasta dishes. Find a pairing that surprises and delights you like a fried chicken bucket, fettuccine alfredo, queso, or veggie fritters.


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