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The fruitier, the better


Soirée Sipper is the perfect party favor, but we won’t judge you if you keep it all to yourself. After all, this isn’t your average sparkling wine. Made in France, the country with the finest bubbles in the world, Soirée Sipper is just as delicious as a brut, but with more pronounced fruit. If you love a touch of sweetness to balance out the high acidity of sparkling wine, this is your new go-to. Enjoy the bright notes of lemon, lime, and pear, with a semi-sweet palate and a creamy finish.

How the French discovered sparkling wine


In France, where Sparkling Splendor comes from, sparkling wine is made by a well-thought out process called the “traditional method.” The technique dates back to the Middle Ages and began by accident when someone left their bottles of still wine in the cellar through a long, cold winter. When spring came and the weather warmed up, the yeast in their wine “woke up” and began fermenting again, this time trapping the bubbles in the bottle. What a surprise it was to open a bottle only to find it had come alive with bubbles! 

Pair it with something indulgent, why don’t you?


We have some good news: we’re going to have to ask you to pair Soirée Sipper, which has a slightly sweet flavor profile, with the dishes that you love to indulge in. Think of your favorite creamy, butter, or slightly sweet dishes and have fun. Try spinach and mushroom quiche, spanikopita, potatoes and gravy, or macaroni and cheese.


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