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White wine elegance

Snowflake Encore embodies the soft, quiet beauty of the first snowfall. For a moment, the world is still and the small comforts in life feel bigger and more valuable than ever. This is the magic of Muscat, a spicy, fragrant grape from Hungary that brings a ballerina-like elegance to your senses. Muscat is an ancient varietal with a longstanding family tree and a reputation for complexity and channeling your inner zen.


Play some soft music and enjoy the delicate aromas of lemon peel, mandarin orange, white blossom, and honeysuckle dancing in your glass.

Don’t sleep on the wines of Hungary

Most famous for its dessert wine, Hungary has been a majorly important winemaking country throughout ancient history to today. But don’t let its world-famous sweet wine make you forget that it also makes a bangin’ dry wine, too. This is what inspired us to make Snowflake Encore—to showcase the crisp, lean, and intensely aromatic white wines that the hills of Hungary are capable of. With 22 subregions and over 100,000 acres of vineyards, this isn’t a wine region to miss.

Your guide to Muscat and food


Snowflake Encore is made from spicy, fragrant Muscat, and you can let it dance with your favorite aromatic dishes. Whether you love meals with fresh herbs, flowers, or baking spices, this is the perfect glass of wine for you. We love it with miso-glazed eggplant, saag paneer, Thai red duck curry, and Vietnamese stir-fry.


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