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Absolutely crushable rosé

So light it might float right out of your refrigerator—or is that your hand grabbing a bottle of Snowflake Dance and pouring yourself a glass? Either way, this crushable glass of pink wine is like the perfect background music, adding to the vibe and never taking from it. Pair it with light bites and that friend you can still hang with even after your social battery is drained.


Look for aromas of watermelon bubblegum, strawberry, wet stones, and white flowers in this endlessly refreshing glass of French rosé. 


Rosés are pink, violets are blue

It’s a law of nature that the French make the best style of rosé in the world—one that delivers a soft, dry, bright glass of wine, and has since the beginning of time. Snowflake Dance is a celebration of how the simplest of wine styles can make the biggest impact. You can spot their signature style by the salmon-pink color, delicate red fruit aromas, and crisp acidity. Inspired by the ancient winemaking traditions of Provence in Southern France, these wines have truly stood the test of time.

Say cheese!

Snowflake Dance has bright acidity and soft, fruity aromas. Translation: it goes well with all things cheesy. Like you needed a reason to eat, essentially, cheese again for dinner. This is your chance to make your gourmet grilled cheese with bacon, your famous broccoli cheddar soup, parmesan-crusted brussel sprouts, or ricotta ravioli.


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