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Since the introduction of classic wine grape varieties to California by the Spanish in the 18th century, wine has played a substantial role in not just the state’s economy, but as a metaphor for the state’s ability to produce the very best in agricultural products, enjoyed by millions of people in every corner of the United States. The terroir is as varied as the geography, with hundreds of grape varieties being grown. Yet there is only one that can call itself king, the most celebrated of them all – Cabernet. Snowflake Dance invites you to warm up any chilly winter evening with a glass of a bold, fruity glass of what California does best.


Snowflake Dance is a wine of harmony, a yin-yang of fruity generosity and elegant tannins giving framework to the wine in the mouth. On the palate you’ll find a smorgasbord of cassis, crushed violet and dark chocolate flavors along with a round, caressing texture - a fine testament to what California can do with Cabernet Sauvignon.




The growth of California wine has been meteoric! 50 years ago, hardly anybody knew the Golden State’s potential, yet today California wines are featured on the menus of the finest restaurants the world over. Yet apart from a few well-known regions, there are still undiscovered treasures to be found. Snowflake Dance’s vineyards bask in 300 days a year of sunshine, a warm-yet-dry growing season and cool nighttime temperatures that modulate sugar accumulation, producing ripe – yet – elegant Cabernets. Looking for the next big thing in California wine? Think outside of the box, look beyond the name brand regions, get your party shoes on and let’s Snowflake Dance!


While Snowflake Dance is delicious on its’ own, many food pairings will elevate the enjoyment of what’s in the glass and also on the plate. We recommend Steak (of course!), braised short ribs, aged cheeses and pasta with spicy sausage.


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