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A refreshingly crushable rosé

So light it might float out of your fridge—or maybe that's just you reaching for a bottle of Snowflake Dance and pouring yourself a glass. This crushable pink wine is like perfect background music, enhancing the vibe without overshadowing it. Pair it with light bites and that friend who's always up for hanging out, even when your social energy is low.

Discover aromas of watermelon bubblegum, strawberry, wet stones, and white flowers in this endlessly refreshing French rosé.


Rosés are pink, violets are blue

It's a universal truth: the French craft the finest rosé in the world. Snowflake Dance embodies this tradition, delivering a soft, dry, and bright wine that has delighted palates through the ages. Recognizable by its salmon-pink color, delicate red fruit aromas, and crisp acidity, Snowflake Dance celebrates the enduring winemaking heritage of Provence in Southern France.

Say cheese!

Snowflake With its bright acidity and soft, fruity notes, Snowflake Dance is a perfect match for all things cheesy. Indulge in gourmet grilled cheese with bacon, your renowned broccoli cheddar soup, parmesan-crusted Brussels sprouts, or ricotta ravioli—it's an invitation to enjoy cheese in all its delicious forms.


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