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Because Cabernet makes life a blast

Snow Much Fun is crafted from Cabernet Sauvignon, a timeless grape that effortlessly elevates any gathering. Cabernet Sauvignon, much like your high-maintenance friend who insists on the perfect playlist, demands attention in the vineyard. But just like that friend, you adore it endlessly. Snow Much Fun embodies this affection, offering aromas of fig, black currant, and strawberry, balanced with nuances of spice and smoke—it's the heart of any celebration.


Discover Cabernet's French origins


If Cabernet were a star in the wine world, its debut was in France, where it originated from an accidental crossing of two French grapes. French vintners meticulously studied its cultivation, noting how different soil compositions imparted distinct flavors to the grape. Centuries of refinement have perfected Cabernet Sauvignon, now the most widely planted grape globally, yet forever rooted in the hillsides of France.

Enjoying Snow Much Fun with cuisine

Snow Much Fun is ideal for sharing with friends during festive gatherings or cozy family dinners. Pair it seamlessly with holiday classics like herb-roasted turkey, stuffing, scalloped potatoes, and even deviled eggs to enhance the dining experience.


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