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Add sparkle to your holiday table

Holiday gatherings demand early mornings with a checklist: clean the house, prep the food, walk the dog, and brace yourself for those inevitable dating life inquiries from well-meaning family members. Enter Sip’n With Blitzen. This French rosé is crafted for leisurely afternoon sipping as an aperitif, enjoyed alongside cheese and dips, and held close when navigating familial inquiries.

Its bouquet offers soft hints of raspberry, pear, and white flowers, leading to a lively, fruity palate with a crisp finish.


In France, rosé means afternoon delight

Midday holiday bliss calls for a feather-light wine that extends well beyond dinner. The French long ago discovered rosé as the perfect companion, celebrated amidst vineyards stretching toward the sun amid lavender fields and the Mediterranean Sea.

Pair it with your holiday fare

Sip’n With Blitzen effortlessly complements appetizers, salads, and main courses, serving as a refreshing companion during post-feast cleanup. Try it with crab artichoke dip, potato au gratin, oven-roasted turkey with cranberry sauce, or a zesty lemon tart.


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