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The most relaxed glass of bubbly you’ll find


If your way of celebrating is by keeping it really, really chill, then the stars have aligned with Revel, a fresh, easy-going glass of bubbly that sings a quiet, yet powerful song. This wine is destined for the last-minute cheeseboard, the impromptu visit from an out-of-town friend, or perhaps just a quiet moment on the back porch as the sun sets. Made with a blend of red and white grapes, this wine is a perfect French sparkling wine. Subtle notes of red berries and watermelon give way to a creamy, smooth finish and zippy bubbles.

Traditional French sparkling wine


In France, where Sparkling Splendor comes from, sparkling wine is made by a well-thought out process called the “traditional method.” The technique dates back to the Middle Ages and began by accident when someone left their bottles of still wine in the cellar through a long, cold winter. When spring came and the weather warmed up, the yeast in their wine “woke up” and began fermenting again, this time trapping the bubbles in the bottle. What a surprise it was to open a bottle only to find it had come alive with bubbles! 


Your food and wine pairing guide


Revel is a dry sparkling rosé with light red fruit and zippy acidity. Pair it with meals that showcase citrusy flavors, fresh ingredients, and creamy textures. Our winemaker favorites include potato au gratin, tomato pie, strawberry almond salad, and pesto spaghetti squash.


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