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Introducing your happy juice

If ever there was a red wine to soothe your holiday stress, it’s Merrier Than Ever. Skip the carols, the cookie decorating, and the presents, and go straight for a glass of this velvety smooth goodness. It’s the reason you’re the auntie with the happy juice, and one day your nephews and nieces will understand. Merrier Than Ever is made from fruity Merlot with lush red strawberry, plum, and a velvety texture. We recommend pairing it with your other happiest things like your fuzzy socks, dog, go-to sitcom re-runs, and of course, your favorite food.

Drink like the French

Perhaps the most stubborn winemakers in the world, the French have good reason to be proud of the kind of wine their grapes make. Crushed, pressed, and fermented to perfection, the wines of France have a style that everyone else tries to emulate. But like Beyonce, The Beatles, and Bowie, no one does it quite like France. Still, we can’t blame them for trying. Get the quintessential French experience by clearing your afternoon, getting some cheese and a fresh baguette to enjoy with Merrier Than Ever.

Goes best with comfort food

Merrier Than Ever is soft and plump and made to pair with the foods that feed your stomach and your soul. We love it with our favorite comfort foods. For the full experience, save this wine for pizza night, barbecue, mushroom ravioli, or baked burritos.


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