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Sparkling Rosé wine is truly one of the most unique products in the world of wine. A miracle of winemaking, these legendary bubblies require great precision and artistry in the cellar to coax the lovely pink color, the cornucopia of berry flavors and the mind-bending complexity of texture into each glass. Made by slowly macerating the grape juice on red wine skins, each bottle is unique and unreplicable. Pop The Top is classic Rosé bubbly – floral and lively on the nose, broad and expansive on the palate and a long finish that echoes the magic of this unique wine style.


Pop The Top is a harmonious wine, a vibrant combination of luscious fruit and racy bubbles that give focus to the flavors of the wine in the mouth. Full of fresh berry flavor on the palate, Pop The Top features an energetic, vigorous stream of bubbles that follow through to a hint of melon flavor and just the right amount of sweetness on the finish.




While the Rosé sparkling wine style is still relatively rare, more and more wine drinkers are turning to these intensely pleasurable wines for their ability to transmit a classic red wine flavor profile – fresh berries, tart cherries, ripe plums – to the bubbly in the mouth. Despite all of this flavor generosity, however, Pop The Top is still a great sparkling wine at its core – with all of the zippy effervescence and energetic backbone that continue to provide all of the pleasure we look for in a great bubbly. The best of classic sparkling wine with a dollop of red wine flavor – what a great reason to Pop The Top!


Broad, lively and generous, Pop The Top has enough body to stand up to bolder flavors in food that might otherwise be too much for a more delicate bubbly. Some of your favorite snack foods - pizza, crab cakes, salami for example – make a perfect pairing with Pop The Top.


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