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Ahh…the evening sets in. The work is done, the sun is quickly setting and the daily stresses begin to melt away. The height of relaxation, a time that could only improve with the addition of a glass of delicious bubbly. Keep sparkling brut is intended to be enjoyed precisely at this moment, where tensions are eased, enjoyment is amplified and happiness abounds with a glass of Keep in hand, full of effervescent pep and delicious fruit intensity.


Keep is focused on liquid tranquility, no need to complicate things when simple tastiness and flavor generosity is the goal. Easy and gentle in the mouth and with good breadth on the palate, Keep features ripe Fuji apple and honeydew melon flavors, with a constant stream of lively bubbles and a long, vibrant finish.




The beautiful vineyards of New York State benefit from optimal conditions to make world-class sparkling wine. Warm summer days make way for breezy, cool autumn evenings during the growing season, evening the ripening and preserving freshness in the grapes. Our winemaking partners at Keep have been at it since 1860, and have learned a thing or two about the sparkling wine trade. At the end of the day however, the bubbly business is just like any other - to succeed, evolution must be constant and quality must always be at the top of the priority list.  Keep is a result of this heritage of quality, a sparkling wine elevated by the experience and skill of the team responsible for its production.


Keep is the ultimate brunch sipper, going well with egg dishes, salty meats fruit and everything in between. Keep’s vibrant bubbly goodness and kiss of sweetness makes for a fine pairing with smoky barbecue, as well.


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