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If you like to go big, go Cab

For wine lovers who want the biggest red they can get their hands on, Golden Tomorrow is crafted in Portugal to satisfy your craving. The deep burgundy color is a dead giveaway: this wine needs someone who can truly appreciate it. On the nose: cassis, spice, and ripe cherry and plum. On the palate, a touch of chocolate goodness, cedar, and firm tannins give it the complexity that you’re looking for. Savor this moment because you don’t come across a wine this bold every day. 

Portugal does its own thing

Portugal has always marched to the beat of its own drum, making wine the way they feel like it. Drinking it when they feel like drinking it. The culture of wine here isn’t about popularity or branding, it’s about what feels true. Turns out, they’re onto something. The wines of Portugal rival some of the best in France and Italy. Lovers of voluptuous reds will find an amazing amount along the vineyards of this colorful, coastal country. From the structured, complex wines of the north to the everyday wines of the south, there’s something for every occasion in Portuguese vinho.

Pair big, too

Golden Tomorrow is a massive red wine and deserves to be enjoyed with something that matches its power. Think big and then go bigger. Some of our favorites are bison burgers, rack of lamb, brisket, and shepherd’s pie.


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