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Blanc de Blancs, French for “white from whites”, denotes a sparkling wine made from white wine grapes. As such, these bubblies feature all of the elegance, the refinement and the delicacy of the still wines made from the same varieties. Golden Tomorrow is sleek and pure, fresh and lively, with great flavor complexity and a long lasting finish. Crafted to go just as well with food or on its own, our Blanc de Blancs is a versatile style of bubbly that will leave you charmed and grateful that Golden Tomorrow is here.


Golden Tomorrow is carefully crafted to evoke old world bubblies yet retains an old world flair. The flavors arrive in waves across the palate, with stone fruit and citrus notes gliding to a brisk, fresh finish, all chased by a zip of vibrant acidity.




Our partners at Golden Tomorrow have known for more than a hundred years that the key to depth and complexity in sparkling wine is to exploit the most powerful tool any winemaker has in their toolbox – the art of blending. The Golden Tomorrow winemaking team blends some of New York State’s most classic grape varieties, each harvested at their unique optimal maturity, to extend and prolong the taste of the wine on the palate. The result is a bubbly worthy of contemplation yet easy to drink, comparable to higher priced sparklers yet at an everyday tariff allowing you to partake in the immediate pleasure of a Golden Tomorrow.


Golden Tomorrow shines when sipped alongside food - seafood, chicken dishes and dinner salads are a perfect match.


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