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New year, new peachy flavor


The holidays are the best time to break out all of your sparkly garb: glitter eyeshadow, lipstick, shoes, shirt, and don’t forget the wine. Glittering Gold will pair perfectly with any festivities, coming alive in your glass with fierce bubbles and gorgeous aromas of Georgia peach, lemon pith, cream, and freshly baked pastry. This is a party girls’ wine, already doing a little dance before you open the bottle, so be sure to match the energy and have a good time with it, whatever you do.

How the French make their signature bubbles

In France, where Sparkling Splendor comes from, sparkling wine is made by a well-thought out process called the “traditional method.” The technique dates back to the Middle Ages and began by accident when someone left their bottles of still wine in the cellar through a long, cold winter. When spring came and the weather warmed up, the yeast in their wine “woke up” and began fermenting again, this time trapping the bubbles in the bottle. What a surprise it was to open a bottle only to find it had come alive with bubbles! 

Have a little snack

Have a little snack with Glittering Gold, we insist. The sparkling acidity and easy fruit flavors will pair perfectly with light, salty snacks like home-made popcorn, pretzels and hummus, cranberry brie bites, or sweet potato fries.


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