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For the white wine girlies


Geometric Trees is sunshine in a glass; just what you need for the holidays. Let this full-bodied white warm you with its ripe fruit and decadent aromatics. The grape behind this heavenly glass is none other than Chardonnay: the chameleon of the wine world. Chardonnay grapes can ripen in so many different types of climates and have been used to make a mind-boggling amount of wines. From sparkling, to light, to big and buttery, Chardonnay can really do it all.


Look for notes of green peach, pineapple, and a creamy lemon palate.

Chardonnay and Italy have a history


Yeah, they dated for a while, broke up, and now they’re back and people can’t get enough of it. It’s surprising because Italy loves to focus on native grapes, i.e. not Chardonnay. But this adaptable grape from France is experiencing somewhat of a Romeo and Juliet situation on the Italian peninsula. Winemakers all over the boot are making distinctive white wines with the grape, each region reflecting a unique terroir and climate. Try for yourself.

What to serve with Geometric Trees


Geometric Trees is a full-bodied white wine that goes perfectly with white meats, seafood, and cream-based dishes. Some of our favorite dishes to make this wine sing are lemon risotto, ham and bean soup, shrimp piccata, and creamy polenta.


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