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Meet your new go-to pink juice

Your favorite wine is one that you don’t have to overthink. No matter who is coming over, no matter what the plan is, no matter your mood or how successful the risotto came out, you want a wine that will blend in seamlessly. Fireside Roasting & Toasting is that wine—dry, light, crisp, and balanced with juicy raspberry, lemon pith, and salmonberry flavors to make you forget the things you need to let go of and focus on the good. You deserve it.

How France set the stage for rosé

Pink wine is made all around the world, but no one does it like the winemakers of Southern France. Here, the hot, Mediterranean sun ripens the grapes in the vineyards, and then the winemaker carefully carries them into the cool cellar to ferment. The cool temperature slows this process down, while a heaping dose of patience allows for the most delicate aromas to appear as if from thin air. It’s a magic trick that has been attempted all over the world, but no one does it like France.

The perfect snack wine

Fireside Roasting & Toasting is perfect for sipping and snacking. Pair it with appetizers at a party or turn your love of small bites into an entire meal. Try it with a charcuterie board, smoked salmon bites, spinach artichoke dip, or yogurt-covered pretzels.


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