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Cabernet Sauvignon has become synonymous with some of the very best wines that California has to offer, earning its status as the most planted, highest priced and most sought after red grape variety in the entire state. Winner of the red category at the prestigious Judgement of Paris tasting in 1976, California Cabernet hasn’t looked back since, and winemakers are constantly in search of undiscovered terroir and new expressions. Fireside Roasting & Toasting is a perfect expression of this tradition of quality and experimentation. We blend Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from all over the state to produce a wine that is equal parts classic and new, a perfect reflection of California’s past and future.


Fireside Roasting & Toasting is a generous wine that showcases purity of fruit within a framework of polished, gorgeous tannins. With its flavors of black cherry, plum, tobacco and cocoa, Fireside Roasting & Toasting is open and accessible, a style sure to appeal to wine geeks and novices alike.




We toured all four corners of California wine country in the search for Cabernet Sauvignon grapes that could provide us with powerful aromas, bold fruit flavors and a bold, opulent personality. The vineyards from which Fireside Roasting & Toasting is derived are perfectly exposed to the passage of the sun to ensure proper ripening; rocky, well drained soil that both ripens tannin properly and provides structure for aging; and cool nighttime temperature that preserve acidity in the grapes, leading to a cool, fresh finish in the wine. The result is Fireside Roasting & Toasting - a wine that is both familiar and exotic, easy to drink and even easier to like.


Fireside Roasting & Toasting’s ripe, open-knit character and generous fruit flavors make for a perfect pairing with potato gratin, dishes featuring dried porcini mushrooms, buffalo burgers, and, if you’re feeling gastronomic, mint-rubbed lamb.


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