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Introducing your new favorite pink wine

Your ideal wine is one that requires no second thoughts. Whether it's for any occasion, any mood, or regardless of how your risotto turned out, Fireside Roasting & Toasting fits the bill—dry, light, crisp, and impeccably balanced with flavors of juicy raspberry, lemon pith, and salmonberry. It’s the perfect companion to help you focus on the positives and let go of the rest. You deserve it.

France's legacy in rosé craftsmanship

Rosé is crafted worldwide, but Southern France remains unparalleled in its mastery. Here, under the Mediterranean sun, grapes ripen before being gently fermented in cool cellars. This meticulous process, combined with patience, coaxes out delicate aromas that seem almost magical—a technique attempted globally but perfected in France.

The ultimate wine for snacks

Fireside Roasting & Toasting is ideal for leisurely sipping and pairing with snacks. Enhance appetizers at gatherings or turn your love for small bites into a complete dining experience. Enjoy it with a charcuterie board, smoked salmon bites, spinach artichoke dip, or yogurt-covered pretzels.


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