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The Cabernet you didn’t know you needed


Cabernet Sauvignon—it’s the best grape on the planet. It grows everywhere the sun scorches the land during the summertime, and it’s almost as if it stores up that summer heat to deliver it right to your soul in wintertime. That’s when you need Festive Fun the most, so take a sip when you’re in your “Baby It’s Cold Outside” feelings.


Enjoy the bouquet of blackberry, currant, spice, graphite, and firm tannins.

The Spanish sun and Festive Fun

What is it about Spain that makes a wine so aromatic, earthy, and bold? Is there something in the water? Actually, it’s a lack of water that does the trick. Grapevines are weirdos that thrive when they’re put under “water stress,” which forces their roots to dig deeper into the earth in search of hydration. It’s famously known that stress is good for grapes—and wine is good for stress, right? It’s a match made in heaven, thanks to the scorching Spanish sun and parched soils.

A guide to pairing Festive Fun

We get it if Festive Fun doesn’t even make it to dinner—it’s just too good. But if you manage to make it last that long, here are our winemaker recommendations for pairing this big red wine with food. Go for big meals that warm you like grilled meats, barbecue, lamb chops, and steak, and don’t hold back on the seasonings.


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