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Sparkling wine is a universal language


Because everyone loves a glass of sparkling wine, keep Festive Flutes on deck for your holiday parties. Some bubbly is sweet, some is pink, and Festive Flutes is made in the most approachable style: Blanc de Blancs Brut. Read: made with white French grapes and bone-dry. It goes with finger food perfectly and has a crushable flavor profile of lemon meringue, orange blossom, and creamy apple. Cheers to that!

How French sparklers are made


In France, where Sparkling Splendor comes from, sparkling wine is made by a well-thought out process called the “traditional method.” The technique dates back to the Middle Ages and began by accident when someone left their bottles of still wine in the cellar through a long, cold winter. When spring came and the weather warmed up, the yeast in their wine “woke up” and began fermenting again, this time trapping the bubbles in the bottle. What a surprise it was to open a bottle only to find it had come alive with bubbles! 

Whatever you do, make it cheesy


Did you know that sparkling wine goes perfectly with all things cheesy? Festive Flutes is the perfect wine to go with the salty-smooth nature of your favorite cheesy dishes, thanks to its high acidity and weightlessness. Some of our picks include french onion grilled cheese, broccoli and cheddar soup, stuffed shells, and fondue.


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