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Rosé really is the perfect wine, bringing together the best of both worlds, red and white, and no matter what your wine preference is, Rosé will fill you with good vibes. With enough fresh fruit and refreshing acidity to please the white wine drinker and plenty of body and mouthfeel to satisfy the red wine connoisseur, Cozy Wine Vibes Rosé bridges the gap between palate preferences and drinking occasions. Enjoy this tasty, lively, fresh pink all year round, paired with almost any food.


Surprisingly broad, Cozy Wine Vibes is a Rosé with some heft and mouth presence. Flavors dance and mingle on the tongue, with cherry / berry at the fore and a floral, minty kick on the finish.




Cozy Wine Vibes Rosé epitomizes the feeling of wandering the back roads and isolated valleys of California - capturing the essence of their lingering sunshine, fruit orchards, and laid back life style. Cozy Wine Vibes grapes are grown with Rosé production in mind, using varieties that have proven themselves among very best for the style. This refreshing pink is equally at home being served at black tie soirées as well as with feet in the sand, enjoying watching the waves crashing on the beach.


Cozy Wine Vibes has enough mouth presence and mouth-watering acidity to pair with almost anything! Fruit, salad, seafood, meat… almost nothing will stop you from feeling the vibes.


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