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You, Cabernet, and your couch

When it’s time for a night in, you pull out all the stops: your coziest socks, favorite snacks, most binge-worthy show, and your favorite person (which arguably, might be your dog). And the icing on the cake? Cozy Wine Vibes is it! Made from 100% Cabernet, bursting with dark plum, date, and black cherry aromas, and topped off with warm vanilla and cedar, there’s just no wine that makes a night on the couch more perfect. No FOMO here, just Cozy Wine Vibes.


The French know their terroir

Cozy Wine Vibes comes from France, Cabernet’s original home. The French have a word for Cabernet’s unmatched ability to express the soil and climate, and even the rivers’ and mountains’ influence on how a wine smells and tastes: terroir. Terroir holds a sense of mystery, and it means that what happens in the vineyard—every meticulous detail—makes an imprint on the quality of the wine. And in France, winemakers pay close attention to the soils and weather; they know that even the smallest differences will change how their wine tastes. See if you can taste the terroir of Cozy Wine Vibes.

Alternative pairings for Cabernet Sauvignon

Everyone knows that Cabernet Sauvignon pairs perfectly with steak. It’s true! This is a classic that, like your little black dress, will never go out of style. But hear us out: what if there were other options? Don’t be afraid to experiment with this bold red wine by matching it with other bold proteins. Try it with grilled eggplant, oxtail, lamb, or Cuban sliders.


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