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If your favorite moment of the week is Sunday around 11am, Corks & Confetti is a must-have for your kitchen. This sparkling wine is infused with natural grapefruit flavor, offering everything you adore about a mimosa with no extra effort required. With a classic French flair, it's tailored for your kitchen island, perfectly complementing post-party recaps with friends, favorite brunch dishes, and your coziest robe. Enjoy its subtle aromas of tangy grapefruit, orange zest, and biscotti, leading to a smooth texture and lively acidity.

In France, the birthplace of Sparkling Splendor, the crafting of sparkling wine follows the meticulous "traditional method." Dating back to the Middle Ages, this technique originated as an accidental discovery when still wine bottles were left in cold cellars over winter. With the arrival of spring and warmer temperatures, dormant yeast resumed fermentation, creating natural bubbles within the bottle. The delightful surprise of effervescence forever changed the landscape of winemaking.

Pairing beautifully with both savory and sweet dishes, Corks & Confetti is versatile enough to elevate any meal. It's a delightful substitute for mimosas at brunch and adds a refreshing touch to salads while cutting through the richness of greasy sandwiches. It complements dishes like cheesy grits, yogurt parfait, a classic BLT, or savory crepes with equal finesse. Cheers to finding the perfect pairing!


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