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In times past, Rosés often had the reputation of all being similar in character - boring wines, bland, the domain of the summer barbecue only. Today’s wine drinker knows that this is an outdated stereotype, and there is an incredible amount of diversity being produced among Rosé wines. Today’s California Rosés are unique to their place of origin, are vivid in their expression of glorious, ripe fruit, and make a fabulous match for almost any type of cuisine. Clink & Drink celebrates this new era of Rosé acceptance, an openness of mind and embracing of spirit that we invite you to Clink & Drink to.


A zesty, dynamic, snappy and fresh Rosé, Clink & Drink opens with berry fruit and peony notes on the nose. On the palate, waves of strawberry, watermelon and peach flavors flow across the tongue and finish with a crescendo of succulent floral notes.



Clink & Drink is made in the manner of classic Rosé production. It goes like this: immediately after the grapes are harvested, they are gently loaded into a state of the art wine press. This technological marvel is pre-programmed to only extract the perfect amount of juice from the grapes to create a wine that is extremely aromatic, perfectly fresh and fruity and most importantly, clean and pure on the finish. Every glass is explosively aromatic, vividly fruity, and thoroughly refreshing. Clink & Drink to that!


We love food, and always have our favorite dishes in mind when we construct our wine blends. Try Clink & Drink with Prime rib, hearty pesto pasta with sausage, carne asada and… mmm… dark chocolate cake.


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