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Cabernet all the way


Bold, vibrant, and brimming with personality (just like you and your friends), this wine is an irresistible choice. Crafted entirely from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes under the sunny skies of France, Clink and Drink is a jammy delight bursting with flavors meant for girls' nights and lively gatherings with your most animated friends. With luscious notes of ripe plum, red currant, and subtle hints of cocoa and tobacco, Clink and Drink is reserved for good times only.


France: A timeless wine legacy

Clink and Drink hails from the storied vineyards of France, where winemaking has flourished since ancient times, employing practices still revered today for producing robust red wines like Clink and Drink. Across centuries, one thing remains constant: our enduring love affair with wine.

Clink, drink, and indulge

When you're enjoying your favorite wine with your favorite people, don't forget to set out plenty of snacks for the occasion. Pair Clink and Drink with shareable delights such as charcuterie, crispy prosciutto flatbread, spinach artichoke dip, and savory samosas for a perfect evening.


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