The Lodi wine growing region, south of Sacramento, has worked hard to ensure its deserved recognition as one of California’s hot-spots. The rich, bold and spicy Cabs that the area is known for have always been a big hit with consumers who are looking for that perfect, zesty, fruit-forward wine to serve to friends at a summer cookout or warming up by the fire with a loved one. The Lodi vines that produce Cabernet Is King are well adapted to the region’s intense sunlight and warm climate, producing grapes with thick skins and concentrated fruit flavors. Vinification occurs in a state of the art facility, where our winemaking team embraces modern production methodologies that serve to retain the wine’s savory aromatics, bring out Cabernet’s effusive fruit character while softening the grape’s notoriously burly tannins.

WINEmaker notes
Cabernet Is King is a remarkably polished Lodi red, a very elegant expression of a region whose time has come. The tannins are fine, the mid-palate layered and all edges rounded - a fine testament to what Lodi can do with Cabernet Sauvignon. It pours a deep ruby/purple color, followed by a smorgasbord of black cherry, currant, plum and mocha flavors. Finishes long, with waves of juicy dark fruit and cocoa notes, resonating nicely.

food pairings
Bacon wrapped roasted figs, BBQ beef kabobs, lamb gyros, Gorgonzola Cheese.


ALCOHOL: 13.24%