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The word Spumante, apart from being quite fun to say, is an Italian classification for sparkling wine. We take our cues from the classic Spumantes of the Asti region in Italy as the inspiration for Bubbles Tonight, a subtly sweet, hyper fruity bubbly from New York State. That’s where the differences end, however, and the same focus on quality grapegrowing and state-of-the-art winemaking is applied to Bubbles Tonight as all of the other bubblies in the box, and the results speak – or rather taste – for themselves.


Lush, plush and mouth-watering, Bubbles Tonight balances its copious citrus fruit character with a zesty mineral richness. The juxtaposition of sweet fruit and tangy acidity resonates on the long, lingering finish.




More than a century of winemaking tradition, all of the accumulated knowledge of generations of New York State winegrowing and a pioneering, groundbreaking mindset are to thank for the conception and elaboration of Bubbles Tonight. This is real wine – harvested and vinified in the heart of New York State wine country, aged and refined under the watchful eye of a talented oenologist. The evolution of an art form and the daring will to conceptualize something new and fresh lead to this delightful flavored bubbly in your glass; a true merging of tradition, modernity and style.


Bubbles Tonight juicy fruitiness and lively mouthfeel makes for a fine pairing with creamy cheeses, shrimp and other shellfish, many fried foods, and for a comforting treat – movie night popcorn.


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