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Pink wine will never go out of style

Trends come and go, and kind of like the archive of classic chick flicks you return to again and again, rosé somehow manages to never go out of style. Bright Spirits Shine is a classic representation of what makes pink wine so lovable: zippy acidity and aromas of strawberry, and cherry, with a core of minerality. Best paired with cleaning days, long afternoons on the front porch, and your most comfortable house dress. You know: the one that never goes out of style.


France is the OG home for pink wine

Rosé is, by far, the most legendary style of wine. You know it, we know it, and the winemakers of southern France know it. They tend to their vineyards all summer long, as cool breezes from the Mediterranean Sea temper the effect of the hot, summer sun. This is the place where the Romans first crossed into France, bringing with them a passionate love of making light, bright pink wine. That tradition has traveled through time, all the way to your kitchen, where you are undoubtedly just as obsessed.


Try it with some of your French-inspired favs

Bright Spirits Shine is the quintessential French wine, and we think it goes best with French-inspired dishes that you can make easily at home. Indulge in a rich croque monsieur, break out the fondue pot, bake a quiche, or make ratatouille to get the most out of this wine.


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