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Rosé will always remain timeless.

Trends may ebb and flow, but much like a beloved collection of timeless chick flicks, Rosé has an enduring charm that never fades. Bright Spirits Shine epitomizes everything we adore about pink wine: lively acidity, fragrant notes of strawberry and cherry, and a hint of minerality at its heart. Perfectly suited for days spent tidying up, leisurely afternoons on the porch, and lounging in your favorite timeless attire — you know, the one that always stays in fashion.


France is the original home of pink wine.

Rosé stands as the pinnacle of wine styles, revered by connoisseurs and cherished by winemakers across southern France. Amidst vineyards tended under the Mediterranean sun, cooled by gentle sea breezes, a legacy unfolds. It was here that the Romans, pioneers of winemaking, first introduced their fervent admiration for crafting vibrant, pale pink wines. This ancient tradition has journeyed through centuries to find a place in your kitchen, where undoubtedly, your own passion for rosé blossoms anew.


Pair it with some of your favorite French-inspired dishes.

Bright Spirits Shine epitomizes the essence of French wine, perfectly complementing homemade French-inspired dishes. From a decadent croque monsieur to the communal warmth of fondue, the comfort of a freshly baked quiche, or the rustic flavors of ratatouille, each dish enhances the enjoyment of this exceptional wine.


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