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Don’t let the name fool you – an extra dry bubbly is actually off-dry, a shade sweeter than a brut. This places them firmly in the sweet spot – pun intended – of sparkling wine styles, and perfect for those with a sweet tooth and who want to enjoy a wine with a kiss of sugar without crossing the line to heavy or cloying. Alla Famiglia employs classic winemaking techniques to produce an accessible, easy to enjoy style that will appeal to all the adults in the family from young to old, from dry humored to sweet mannered and everywhere in between.


Alla Famiglia is all about enjoyment, generosity of flavor and unadulterated, off-dry pleasure. A balanced, broad and ample wine, Alla Famiglia features yellow apple and Comice pear flavors, along with a gentle stream of bubbles and a long, fresh finish.




Moderation is the key to life, and sparkling wine is no exception. As with all things, the key is balance – not too heavy, not too light, not too sweet and not too dry. The Alla Famiglia team walks this tightrope of this bubbly happy medium every vintage, to push the limits of flavor intensity and fruit sweetness to the maximum, without crossing the line to a boring, dull glass. Therein lies the secret to Alla Famiglia, giving you as much of the good stuff as possible, while still retaining a sense of elegance and sophistication that we all adore in our favorite sparkling wines.


Alla Famiglia’s ripe, opulent fruit character makes it a perfect match with spicy foods. Whether Indian curries, Thai dishes with chili peppers, almost nothing is too much for this sumptuous extra dry bubbly. And yes, Alla Famiglia also works quite well with many of your favorite desserts.


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