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The Brut style of sparkling wine is the most most popular the world over. The textural profile most closely associated with the most expensive bubblies in the world – lively, mouth filling, vibrant and balanced – are all hallmarks of these legendary sparklers. A Night To Remember is a classic Brut sparkler – open knit and forward, boldly flavored and vibrant, sure to please wine geeks and bubbly beginners alike.  


A Night To Remember was conceived to deliver a taste of classic Brut bubbly to your glass at a palatable price as well as all of the quintessential flavor intensity to the palate. Boldly flavored, fresh, energetic and lively, A Night to Remember offers ripe orchard fruit flavors and savory toast notes on the palate and a long, distinguished finish.




“Brut” means dry in French, and Brut sparkling wines are the most coveted, expensive wines the world over. Great grapes, however, don’t always need to be grown in costly old-world vineyards, and indeed, New York State provides all of the environmental factors necessary to produce great sparkling wines. All of the stature, distinction and artisanal winemaking behind the world’s great bubblies is found in A Night To Remember, as well as a fun, easy going fruit character. A Night To Remember is smooth and supple on the palate, retains a classic style and, most of all, is very, very easy to enjoy.


Think classic bubbly pairings with this Brut sparkler, such as oysters, sushi, and if you’re feeling fancy - lobster. For everyday enjoyment, give A Night To Remember a shot with mac and cheese or chicken Caesar salad.


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